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Shabbat Friendly Hotel Italy

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The Carnival Palace is a special hotel in which to spend the Shabbat in Italy thanks to the hotel’s special offers, comforts, amenities and location.

The hotel is located in the Jewish quarter of Venice, and in less than a ten-minute walk it is possible to reach not only the five synagogues in the lagoon: the Levantine Synagogue, the Great German Synagogue, the Canton Synagogue, the Italian Synagogue, and the Spanish Synagogue, but also the famous Jewish Museum of Venice.

For those who do observe the Shabbat, all this means not just comfort but somewhere special in which to spend the Shabbat.

Because, as we know, those who do observe the Shabbath are obliged to avoid carrying out certain activities during the course of the day from Friday to Saturday.

These are activities that the Rabbis have laid down since ancient times and which make reference to the 39 categories of activities which were necessary for the construction of the tabernacle and which are still current in modern times.


In order to make it possible for the Shabbat to be respected, the Carnival Palace offers its guests a “Shabbat key” which is available for each room with a door that opens manually making it possible to enter and leave the property as decreed.

In addition to this, all the hotel staff work towards making it as easy as possible for those who are celebrating the Shabbat to do so.

The Carnival Palace, Shabbat friendly hotel in Venice, is located very close to the Kosher restaurants Gam Gam, The Ghimel Garden and Ba' Ghetto, and the Panetteria Giovanni Volpe that are situated in the Cannaregio district.