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Hotel Jewish Quarter Venice

HOME Hotel Jewish Quarter Venice

If you are looking for a hotel in the Jewish Quarter of Venice, the Carnival Palace is the perfect solution for you!

The hotel looks out over the Cannaregio canal and is just a few minutes’ walk from the Campo del Ghetto, the true heart of the Venetian Ghetto, the oldest in the world, steeped in over 500 years’ worth of history.

You can enter this area along the Fondamenta Cannaregio up to the Ponte delle Guglie.  Here you will find an underpass which will enable you to access the ancient and historic Ghetto.  This is an area that stirs the emotions and in some ways, appears to be slightly detached from the rest of the city.  It is divided into the old, the new and the more recent ghetto.

The latter is the oldest part of the three, surrounded by canals and connected to the rest of the city by bridges.


This hotel, close to the Jewish Ghetto, the Carnival Palace, is ideally located for those who wish to visit this special, unique and affecting area of the city which is characterized by the aforementioned tall buildings.  This is a real peculiarity in the Venetian territory which was designed to accommodate the numerous Jewish people who came to settle here from other parts of Europe.

The Jewish Museum provides us with a real journey through the history and culture of the local Jewish population thanks to a collection of artefacts that include silverware, fabrics, texts in Hebrew, rolls of The Torah and information cards that relate the story of the ghetto from its early origins right up to World War II.

The synagogues are somewhat disguised in old palaces and are only identifiable thanks to the Hebrew script on the buildings or the characteristic five aligned windows. Those of particular note are the Tedesca, the Canton, the Italian, the Spanish and the Levantine synagogues.