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Hotel for Epiphany in Venice

HOME Hotel for Epiphany in Venice

Carnival Palace, Hotel for Epiphany in Venice manages to perfectly blend comfort, services and elegance.

It is one of the best hotels to experience January 6 and the Epiphany holiday because it is also close to places of interest in the city, which precisely during those times host particularly anticipated events.

One of these is the "Regata delle Befane". It has been held for more than four decades and consists of a regatta with rowers dressed as hags.


4-star hotel for Epiphany in Venice 

Alongside the characteristic "Regata delle Befane" Venice offers numerous points of interest on January 6:

  • Epiphany from the Clock Tower: in St. Mark's Square we can admire the procession of wooden figures that takes place on Epiphany Day, from the panel next to the clock, at the stroke of every hour. The moment the 4 figures (an angel and the 3 Magi) arrive in the vicinity of the Madonna, they make mechanical movements;
  • Panevin in Malmocco: every year the characteristic bonfire is held here and typical Venetian products of the period are enjoyed;
  • Epiphany Concerts: on January 6 and the days immediately preceding, various concerts are held in prestigious theaters and churches.

Choose the convenience of a hotel for Epiphany in Venice.

Book at the Carnival Palace, 4-star hotel in the Cannaregio area.